Our Services


Since the requirement of every clinical trial is unique and delivery schedules are of paramount importance, we pride ourselves in providing a customised service to suit your requirements, reduce your logistical burden and thus improve the cost effectiveness of your project with complete transparency and absolute discretion.

At Smartway CTS, our experienced CTS team will advise and guide you through the critical stages of the supply chain and outline the risk involved and how we will mitigate those risks to deliver a solution to suit your needs as outlined below;

    • Once we establish a clear list of drug demands from you, our CTS team can arrange the sourcing of a small initial batch to confirm suitability.
    • We will check the availability of the product both locally and globally from our verified sources before we commit to supply. We will not over- promise and under-deliver. In certain situations we may require you to complete a request form for Clinical Trial supplies to expedite the procurement process. Please click here to download the form.
    • Our warehouse conforms to the MHRA GDP guidelines and we have full SOPs to cover all elements of temperature-sensitive transport which are available for inspection. Our temperature controlled facilities include 2-8 °C and 15-25 °C warehousing and our shipments are monitored using validated temperature data-loggers. We also subcontract to a third party for temperature regulated transport should our facilities be overwhelmed. 
    • We can, should you require, abide by the designated trial protocols using alternative technologies if so desired.  At Smartway we are keen to undertake a proactive approach and incorporate client policies to our mutual benefit. 
    • We have a dedicated space at our warehouse to handle all returns from the clinical trials and also have an approved contracted third party to handle destruction of the returned product where necessary.