From our secure and fully licenced warehouse we ship globally. Our specialist logistics team ensures that deliveries go out on time and in a manner designated by our customers. You can therefore be confident in the reliability and integrity of our supply chain.

At Smartway CTS we offer a range of specialist transport options and storage facilities including cold-chain supplies for temperature sensitive goods using either refrigerated transport or insulated packaging. We therefore have the ability to manage the global supply chain from sourcing directly from the manufacturer to storing and delivering in dedicated temperature-controlled facility.

Our warehouse conforms to the MHRA GDP guidelines and we have full SOPs to cover all elements of temperature-sensitive transport which are available for inspection. Our temperature controlled facilities include 2-8 °C and 15-25 °C warehousing and our shipments are monitored using validated temperature data-loggers. We can, should you require, abide by the designated trial protocols using alternative technologies or an alternative logistics provider, if so desired. At Smartway we are keen to undertake a proactive approach and incorporate client policies to our mutual benefit.

Our dedicated Smartway CTS logistics team can offer:

  • A secure and a reliable global delivery providing you with the most appropriate service
  • Cold chain and ambient supply chain with data-loggers
  • Reliable supply chain: correct product and quantity delivered in optimal time
  • Legislative compliance and product integrity
  • Fully tracked deliveries including temperature control
  • Recall monitoring and batch traceability to protect the integrity of the clinical trial and patient safety