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Smartway Clinical Trial Supplies (SCTS) is a dedicated business unit of Smartway Pharmaceuticals Limited, an established UK based company, which holds a Wholesale Distribution Authorisation (Human & Veterinary) issued by the MHRA, Controlled Drug Licence (Schedules 2-5) issued by the Home Office and an MS licence which allows importation of products from outside the EU. At Smartway CTS we can provide a customised service to fulfill all you Clinical trial supply requirements and reduce your logistical burden. In addition, we are able offer a range of specialist transport options and storage facilities for cold chain products, which form an integral part of a secure and successful clinical trial supply chain.



We do what is best for our clients in order to achieve complete satisfaction.

Comparator Sourcing

An intrinsic part of a pharmaceutical company seeking to demonstrate the comparative effectiveness of a new drug against a competitor drug is for them to carry out a clinical trial against an active comparator which is normally the competitor drug. To perform comparative trials, pharmaceutical companies or CRO’s must put in place robust strategies to source and supply that drug in an uninterrupted manner to all trial sites.

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Reference Listed Drugs ( RLDs)

At Smartway CTS we recognise the global drive for generic medicines and are committed to support this through the experience within our organisation. We understand the time, effort and planning that is involved in bio-analytical/equivalence studies and through our highly experienced team, we believe we are ideally placed to support your Reference Listed Drugs (RLDs) sourcing and supply needs in this sector.

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A biosimilar medicine is a biological medicine, derived from a biological source and based on naturally occurring proteins in the human body. They are produced using living cells including bacteria and yeast. Biosimilars have been shown not to have any clinically meaningful differences from the originator’s approved biological medicine in terms of quality, safety and efficacy.

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